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We are used to play action games, and normally, our main aim is to kill everybody and arrive to a certaim finish line. To achieve our aim, we have to use all our weapons as well as we can, often that weaponry is full of different kinds of weapons.

What’s new in TimeShift? As its name tell s, time has a lot to do in this game. What would you do if you were able to control time? What’s time? Time in this game is essential, because you can control it, so it becomes an ultimate weapon.

You take on the role of the recently retired Air Force test pilot, Colonel Michael Swift who is asked by the government to test the most significant invention of the century: a time-control device and you’ll have to use it t play te game. You will have to know how to control it perfectly to achieve your aim. But when we talk about time it doesn’t mean that it is the only weapon you have to use, because you’l have lots o weapons appart from time.

The game has a great graphic engine which will allow us to enjoy the game with magnific graphics and sounds.

Wihtout any doubt, if you like action games, you’ll love it.
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